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Maybe you want to launch a business and meet other creators. Maybe you want to gain exposure and monetize your content. Or maybe you have a beautiful hidden spot to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Photographer, videographer, writer - whether you create photos or videos of places, food or more,- reach out to us and see how we can collaborate!

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How It Works

#1 Upload

Submit your content of places, restaurants or any place of attraction on our Creator Platform. Be sure to include as much information about the place as you can, especially if it is a relatively new or undiscovered destination.


Don’t forget to drop us your portfolio / social media link too!

#2 Review

The gulliver team will review the content to ensure they fit our standard requirements and add it to our platform.

The selected content will be used as brand images for those destinations on the app and our socials - with your portfolio being linked out from each of these images / videos.

#3 Monetize

With the targeted exposure, get ready for brands to reach out to you for more opportunities, and also get the chance to monetize your content if your images get redistributed by merchants for visual campaigns.

Be a part of this exclusive creator community and meet other adventurous and talented globetrotters to roam the earth with.

The best part? It’s free.


Q: How does our content get featured on Gulliver?

A: We curate for visual content that makes viewers feel positive, happy and inspired to visit the place! Colorful, vibrant, and sharp photos are some of the key factors we prioritize. Photos you guys submit will go through our pipeline to be checked if they meet our quality and copyright guidelines before selected ones are used on our platform!

Q: How will our content be used?

A: Your content (photos, videos, reviews or blog posts) will be used to represent their respective destinations on our platform. We will be crediting your Instagram handle for the photos we use. In addition, businesses would be allowed to repost your photos on social media. (Eg. If you take a photo of Marina Bay Sands, we would use it as one of the key images to showcase on the Marina Bay Sands listing on our app.)

Q: Do we get paid financially?

A: At this point, we are unable to pay creators that contribute content. Currently, we provide additional exposure and the opportunity to network with our community. However, it is definitely in our plans to expand and eventually help you guys to monetize your content when we scale!


Q: How do we submit the photos?

A: If you feel your photographs of any restaurants, places of attractions, or any other exotic destination is brilliant and would love for us to share it, drop us a DM @thegulliverapp and we will definitely reach back out to you!

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